Quick Answer: What is the loudest football stadium in the NFL?

Who holds the record for the loudest football stadium?

Not to be outdone, the crowd at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City broke the record to come in at 142.2 decibels. Fact: 142 decibels for any period of time at all, even a few seconds, can be enough to cause a small amount of permanent hearing damage. That’s the volume on the tarmac at an airport.

What is the best football stadium in the NFL?

NFL stadium power rankings: Which team has the best home field?

  • Gillette Stadium.
  • Bank of America Stadium. …
  • M&T Bank Stadium. …
  • TIAA Bank Field. …
  • MetLife Stadium. …
  • Paul Brown Stadium. Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports. …
  • Nissan Stadium. George Walker IV / Tennessean.com-Imagn Content Services, LLC. …
  • FedEx Field. Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports. …


What’s the loudest stadium in the world?

Curls said Arrowhead “is considered the loudest stadium in the world.” The Guinness Book of World Records says Arrowhead Stadium’s 142.2 dbA roar during the Sept. 29, 2014, game against the Patriots is the loudest crowd roar ever recorded at a sporting event.

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What NFL stadium holds the most fans?

#1. Biggest NFL Stadium: MetLife Stadium, Home Of The New York Giants and Jets: 82,500 Fans.

Why is Chiefs stadium so loud?

The architectural director who designed CenturyLink Field, Paul Greisemer, said the stadium was designed to enhance crowd noise, pointing to the roof, closeness of the fans, and use of metal and concrete as the primary factors.

What is the loudest college football stadium?

According to this list, LSU’s “Death Valley” is the loudest facility in America, followed by Beaver Stadium (Penn State) and Autzen Stadium (Oregon).

What football team has the most expensive stadium?

While Yankee Stadium is the most expensive baseball stadium, MetLife Stadium—home to NFL’s New York Jets and New York Giants—is the most expensive in the world.

What is the smallest NFL stadium?

The smallest stadium is Soldier Field with a capacity of 61,500.

What are the 5 oldest NFL teams?

5 oldest teams in the NFL

  • #1 Arizona Cardinals – Year Established: 1898 (123 years ago)
  • #2 Green Bay Packers – Year Established: 1919 (102 years ago)
  • #3 Chicago Bears – Year Established: 1920 (101 years ago)
  • #4 New York Giants – Year Established: 1925 (96 years ago)

What is the loudest fan for sleeping?

The 10 Best White Noise Fans

  • Air King Industrial Grade Fan. …
  • Honeywell 2-Speed Personal Fan. …
  • Vornado Whole Room Air Circulator Fan. …
  • Holmes Lil’ Blizzard Oscillating Table Fan. …
  • O2COOL Clip Fan. Amazon. …
  • Lasko U12104 High Velocity Pro Pivoting Utility Fan. Amazon. …
  • Lasko 3300 Wind Machine. Amazon. …
  • Marpac Dohm Sound Machine Fan. Amazon.
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What is the loudest noise ever?

The loudest sound in recorded history came from the volcanic eruption on the Indonesian island Krakatoa at 10.02 a.m. on August 27, 1883. The explosion caused two thirds of the island to collapse and formed tsunami waves as high as 46 m (151 ft) rocking ships as far away as South Africa.

How loud is 140 decibels?

Comparative Examples of Noise Levels

Noise Source Decibel Level Decibel Effect
Aircraft carrier deck 140
Military jet aircraft take-off from aircraft carrier with afterburner at 50 ft (130 dB). 130
Thunderclap, chain saw. Oxygen torch (121 dB). 120 Painful. 32 times as loud as 70 dB.

What football team has the biggest stadium?

The 25 largest college football stadiums in the United States:

1 Michigan 107,601
2 Penn State 106,572
3 Ohio State 102,780
4 Texas A&M 102,733

Do any NFL stadiums have real grass?

“Agronomically, natural grass field surfaces are possible everywhere,” Tretter said. As of 2020, 17 of 31 NFL stadiums use traditional grass. … In 2015, Houston’s NRG Stadium switched from natural grass to an artificial surface after more than a decade amid player criticism over injury concerns.

What is the biggest NFL rivalry?

The rivalry is the second-oldest of the NFC East. It has been called the greatest rivalry in NFL history. The Giants and Eagles have met four times in the playoffs, with each team winning twice. The Giants won in 1981 & 2000, and the Eagles won in 2006 & 2008.

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