Best answer: How do you stop the football zombie in pvz2?

If the player wishes to defeat an All-Star Zombie quickly, instant-use plants like Cherry Bomb can do well to defeat him instantly. Magnifying Grass can also work, as it takes only two shots from Magnifying Grass to defeat an All-Star Zombie.

How do they stop zombies in football?

If these options are unavailable, use an instant kill such as Squash. Spikeweed and Spikerock can heavily damage the zombie as he approaches the player’s plants, though the two are better when in front of a Wall-nut, Tall-nut or a Pumpkin to stall him while being damaged.

How do you beat Giga Zombie in football?

Wall-nuts would be okay, but they would probably be eaten by the time the Giga-Football Zombie dies, so if you want to use them, you should be sure to plant them close to the right of the screen. Using a Squash on them will deal high damage, though it cannot kill them at full health.

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What is the strongest Zombie in Plants Vs Zombies 2?

The Top 10 Most Dangerous Zombies in PvZ 2

  • Turquoise Skull Zombie. …
  • Zombie King. …
  • Troglobite. …
  • Arcade Zombie. …
  • Wizard Zombie. …
  • Newspaper Zombie. Newspaper Zombie is a returning zombie from PvZ1. …
  • Surfer Zombie. Another nuisance. …
  • Octo Zombie. And FINALLY, we made it to the topmost dangerous zombie of all, which is the Octo Zombie!

What is the most annoying zombie in PvZ2?

The most annoying zombies in PvZ 2

  • THE TOMB RAISER ZOMBIE. This zombie, like the others on this list, is quite annoying. …
  • THE IMP CANNON. The Imp Cannon…is a cannon full of imps. …


How do you kill Octo zombie?

Using Plant Food on it will ensure he gets buttered. Kill him quickly, as he can bind up an unlimited number of plants. This could result in all plants being bound up and lead to you using tons of coins for Power Ups and Plant Food to kill the Octo Zombie and remove the octopi.

How much health does a football zombie have?


Name Health Speed (per square)
Football Zombie 80 (70 for football helmet, 10 for zombie) 2.5
Dancing Zombie 17 1.25, then 5.5 (after summoning Backup)
Backup Dancer 10 5.5
Ducky Tube Zombie† 10 if normal, 28 if conehead, 65 if buckethead 5 (3.75 if flag zombie)
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How many peas does it take to kill a Gargantuar?

How many peas does it take to kill a Gargantuar? Dancing Zombie–Takes 17 shots of peas to kill; spawns 4 Backup Dancers and will continue to do so as they die off.

Where do you find the Yeti Zombie?

Adventure mode, round 2- Now that you’ve got a feeling of accomplishment by beating the game, play Adventure mode again. 5. Yeti on 4- Continue playing through the levels until you reach Level 4-10. When you get to the last part of the stage, the Yeti Zombie will appear.

What is the most powerful plant in PvZ?

Top 5

  • Banana Launcher.
  • Winter Melon.
  • Gatling Pea (hate this plant but whatever.)
  • Gloom-shroom.
  • Melon-pult.

What is the most expensive plant in pvz2?

Cornucopia is the most expensive plant card in the game, costing 10 sun to play. Thus, it is also the only plant that cannot be transformed into another plant by Molekale.

How do you kill Gargantuar in endless?

By placing a Puff-shroom in front of a slowed Giga-gargantuar, and immediately placing an Imitater Puff-shroom once the previous one is destroyed, the Giga-gargantuar will be unable to move at all – or at least move incredibly slowly.

How do you counter wizard zombies?

Place the Guacodile right where a Wizard Zombie is so he immediately triggers the rush attack. One rush attack is sufficient to kill a Wizard Zombie without a chance of the Guacodile being turned into sheep, while severely weakening other zombies behind it.

How do you counter Jester zombies?

To defeat the Jester Zombie, the player should use area-of-effect plants, instant-kill plants, splash damage plants, plants that utilize non-physical projectiles, etc.

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How do you beat the bug bot Imp?

When ambushing you from the sky, the Bug Bot Imps can be also blown away from the Blover, but as they land on the ground immediately after the “Bot Swarm!” message pops up, your timing must be spot-on. Using Shrinking Violet can defeat them instantly like other Imps, as they will be shrunken into oblivion.

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