How do you protect ribs in football?

Rib protectors are made with cushioned foam padding that covers both your ribs and lower back. This padding is especially important for quarterbacks as their torsos are exposed when they drop back and pass the ball. A rib protector is designed to help provide maximum protection for the torso, ribcage and lower back.

What is the best rib protector for football?

The Best Rib Protectors For Football Players

  1. #1. McDavid Hexpad Hexmesh Sternum Shirt Youth.
  2. #2. Schutt Sports Youth Rib Protector.
  3. #3. EliteTek Padded Compression Shirt CPS14.
  4. #4. Riddell Youth Rib Protector.
  5. #5. EvoShield CustomTech EvoAlpha Football Rib Shirt.
  6. #6. Schutt Varsity Rib Protector.
  7. #7. …
  8. #8.

What can protect your ribs?

10 Best Football Rib Protector Reviews

  1. Schutt Varsity. …
  2. Bike Xtreme. …
  3. Douglas SP Series. …
  4. Schutt Sports Lightweight. …
  5. Douglas CP Series. …
  6. Champro Adult Rib Protector. …
  7. Schutt Hard Shell. …
  8. Champro Youth Rib Protector.


Do I need rib pads for football?

To protect yourself on the football field, a rib protector is a must. Since football is one of the most physically demanding contact sports, you can easily get seriously injured without any protection. Although standard equipment such as shoulder pads and helmets can give you some protection, it is still not enough.

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Do NFL QBs wear rib protectors?

Lamar Jackson wears the Douglas Rib Protector, a very common protective item among QB’s as their ribs are often exposed post-throw and defenders show no mercy (ask Drew Brees).

What do quarterbacks wear around their ribs?

While flak jackets are used by players at various positions, quarterbacks are the most frequent wearers due to the fact that they take consistent hits to their stomach and ribs throughout the course of a game.

Which organ is not protected by the rib cage?

Required Answer ✅ The internal organs located in the thoracic cavity like heart, lungs, liver, stomach etc are very delicate and hence are protected by bony rib cage to prevent any damage. The other internal organs like brain is protected by bony skull and spinal cord is protected by bony vertebral column.

What is rib cage?

The ribs are the bony framework of the thoracic cavity. The ribs form the main structure of the thoracic cage protecting the thoracic organs, however their main function is to aid respiration. There are twelve pairs of ribs. Each rib articulates posteriorly with two thoracic vertebrae by the costovertebral joint.

Should wide receivers wear rib protectors?

Safety is paramount when playing as a wide receiver. You risk getting hit from any direction with the full force of the defensive player. The player can risk getting the following injuries. To minimize the risk of injury, wide receivers can wear rib protectors, which can add a cushion of safety to the ribs.

How do you put on a Douglas rib protector?

How to Install:

  1. Align and mark the four brass eyelets of the RIB COMBO on top of the shoulder pad shell.
  2. Drill holes (if necessary), and slide RIB COMBO between plastic shells and cushions of the shoulder pad.
  3. Put screws through grommets and into plastic. Insert screw assembly as shown. Related Products…
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What do Backplates do in football?

A football back plate (sometimes referred to as a back flap) is a piece of safety equipment that attaches to a player’s shoulder pads that helps protect the lower back. Back plates connect to the shoulder pads using an attachment strap and hardware/screws.

How much do Backplates cost?

Football Back Plates

Riddell Youth Football Back Plate Regular price: $29.95 Sale price: $24.95 Douglas JP Series Removable Youth Football Back Plate $34.99
Douglas Custom Pro CP Series Removable Football Back Plate – 6 Inch $59.99 Douglas CP Series Custom Color Football Back Plate $69.99

What are the best QB shoulder pads?

In-depth reviews of the 10 Best Football Shoulder Pads in 2021

  • Xenith Element Hybrid Varsity Football Shoulder Pads. …
  • Schutt Sports AiR MAXX Football Shoulder Pads. …
  • Xenith Element Skill Varsity Football Shoulder Pads. …
  • Riddell JPK Plus Shoulder Pads. …
  • Sports Unlimited Prospect Football Shoulder Pads.


How do you size a rib protector?

To ensure the correct use of the rib protector, it is essential to choose the right size. Simply measure the chest just below the nipples, check the measurement on the manufacturer’s size chart and proceed to the purchase. If the purchase takes place in the store, you can try it on and remove any doubts.

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