What is the best youth football helmet to prevent concussions?

What is the best football helmet to prevent concussions?

Best football helmet 2021

  • Riddell Speed Authentic Football Helmet for NFL Las Vegas Raiders. …
  • Schutt Sports Vengeance VTD II Football Helmet. …
  • Xenith Youth X2E+ Football Helmet with Mask. …
  • Schutt Sports Varsity AiR XP Pro VTD II. …
  • Schutt Youth Recruit Hybrid w/ROPO Mask (EA) …
  • Schutt Sports Youth AiR Standard V.


What is a good youth football helmet?

Rating the best 17 youth football helmets

  • VICIS Zero1 Youth. Cost: $495.00. …
  • Xenith Youth X2E+ Cost: $199.00. …
  • Schutt Youth F7. Cost: $569.95. …
  • Xenith Youth Epic+ Cost: $284.00. …
  • Schutt Youth Vengeance A3+ Cost: $139.95. …
  • Riddell Youth SpeedFlex. Cost: $324.99. …
  • Schutt Youth Vengeance A3. Cost: $109.95. …
  • Schutt Youth Recruit R3+


Do football helmets prevent concussions?

Your friend is right: No helmet can prevent concussions. There’s no way to keep the brain from moving inside the skull. If you hit your head hard enough, your brain can bang into the hard bone and cause a concussion. Some “special” sports helmets and other new products claim that they can protect you from concussions.

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Is Xenith better than Riddell?

The Riddell SpeedFlex and the Xenith Epic are the flagship football helmets of their respective brands, carrying the highest price tags and offering protection that ranks them as two of the best in the game today. … The new absorbers led to improved results in the Virginia Tech ratings over previous Xenith helmets.

Which is better F7 vs SpeedFlex?

Testing: In both the Virginia Tech Helmet Study and the NFLPA’s Helmet Laboratory Test, the Schutt F7 outperformed the Riddell SpeedFlex. The F7 was the second highest rated helmet in Virginia Tech’s study, scoring 2.54.

Who makes the best football helmet?

1. Riddell SpeedFlex Adult Football Helmet: Best overall. The first on our review list is none other than the 5-star quality helmet by The Virginia Tech, the Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet remains as one of the top choices for football gear.

What’s the lightest youth football helmet?

Schutt Vengeance Z10 VTD Youth | Schutt, $400

At 3-3.5 pounds it is also one of the lightest helmets on the market.

The ZERO2 MATRIX, a new helmet exclusive to the NFL for the 2021 season, took the top spot, followed by the ZERO2 TRENCH, the first football helmet designed exclusively to protect linemen, and the standard ZERO2 helmet in third.

What helmet does Tom Brady wear?

His choice was the Riddell Speedflex. The Riddell Speedflex is not only one of the highest rated helmets on the market, but its also incredibly popular among NFL quarterbacks, with nearly 60% of starting NFL QB’s currently wearing this helmet (WPW, 2020).

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What happens if you dont wear a football helmet?

Without helmets, removing body pads or the reduction of their bulk would be possible. This would make the game faster because players would be unencumbered by pads. This would add to the spectacle of the game, and allow even more amazing feats of athleticism.

Can you still get a concussion with a helmet?

Helmets do little to address the rotational forces, and stretching and shearing of brain cells. The brain inside that skull will still undergo acceleration and/or deceleration and, therefore, still has the potential to cause a concussion.

Is there a way to prevent concussions?

Everyone should wear properly fitting, sport-appropriate headgear and safety equipment when playing contact sports or biking, rollerblading, skateboarding, snowboarding, or skiing. You can’t prevent every concussion. But helmets, mouthguards, and other safety gear can reduce the risk of a brain injury.

Who owns Xenith?

Xenith was founded in 2006 by Vin Ferrara, a former Harvard quarterback and Columbia University MD. After several head injuries during his football career, he believed that there had to be a better way to make a football helmet.

What football helmets do the pros wear?

About Schutt Sports

Schutt Sports is one of the leading manufacturers of protective equipment in the world. Nearly 40% of the players in the NFL choose to wear Schutt helmets, including 55% of the skill position players in the league.

Is Xenith a good brand?

They are highly rated on the Virginia Tech helmet evaluations and because of the design they have proven to be an easier fit for our players. The Xenith helmet has been great for our players. They love the fit and protection that the helmet gives to them during competition.

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