Your question: What is the biggest win in the World Cup?

Event 2002 FIFA World Cup qualification
Attendance 3,000 (estimated)

Which team has the highest win in a World Cup?

FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup Trophy
Founded 1930
Number of teams 32 (finals)
Current champions France (2nd title)
Most successful team(s) Brazil (5 titles)

Who is the youngest World Cup winner?

The current record was set by Sergio Busquets who was 21 years and 360 days old when he played in and won the World Cup final in 2010 with Spain, having already played in a winning Barcelona side in the 2009 Champions League final.

Who is the oldest player to ever play in a World Cup?

Essam El-Hadary made history in 2018 when he became the oldest player ever to compete in a FIFA World Cup at the age of 45.

Who won most ICC World Cups?

Australia has won the tournament five times, India and West Indies twice each, while Pakistan, Sri Lanka and England have won it once each.

Cricket World Cup.

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The World Cup Trophy
Administrator International Cricket Council (ICC)
Current champion England (1st title)
Most successful Australia (5 titles)
Most runs Sachin Tendulkar (2,278)

Who is the youngest footballer?

Harvey Elliott became the youngest player in the Premier League ever. He was only sixteen years and one month old when he appeared in his first big match in 2019.

Who scored the most goals in a single World Cup?

Fontaine holds the record for the most goals scored at a single tournament, with 13 goals in 1958. The players that came closest were Kocsis in 1954, Müller in 1970 and Portugal’s Eusébio in 1966, with 11, 10 and 9, respectively. The lowest scoring top scorer was in 1962, when six players tied at only four goals each.

What is the best player in the world?

Top 50 Best Performing Football Players in the World

Rank Name
Rank Name
1 Lionel Messi 99
2 Robert Lewandowski 99
3 Jadon Sancho 99

Who is the oldest cricket player still playing?

Oldest Test cricketers still playing at Test level, by country

Country Name Age as of 17 July 2021
India Wriddhiman Saha 36 years, 266 days
Ireland William Porterfield 36 years, 314 days
New Zealand Ross Taylor 37 years, 131 days
Pakistan Azhar Ali 36 years, 148 days

What country has lost the most World Cups?

However, Mexico have the most losses in the World Cup finals. The north American nation have played 53 matches and 25 of them have ended in defeats.

Who was the first player to get a red card?

The physical red card was introduced in 1970, but nobody was sent off. Carlos Caszely of Chile became the first person to receive a red card, after his second yellow card against West Germany in 1974, for bringing down Berti Vogts. Chile lost 1–0.

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Which country will host 2023 World Cup?


Which team won most T20 World Cup?

West Indies are the current T20 World Cup holders, beating England in the 2016 final, winning their second title.

ICC Men’s T20 World Cup.

T20 World Cup Trophy
Administrator International Cricket Council (ICC)
Number of teams 16 20 (2024 onwards)
Current champion West Indies (2nd title)
Most successful West Indies (2 titles)

Who is the best finisher in the cricket?

The top 5 best finishers in world cricket

  • Andre Russell. …
  • Hardik Pandya. …
  • Kieron Pollard. …
  • Virat Kohli. …
  • Jos Buttler. …
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